Changing the Appearance of Manufactured Home to Resemble the Traditional Homes

The construction of manufactured mobile homes and traditional houses is poles apart. That said, nobody said you can’t remodel your mobile home in a way that it appears like traditional houses. But here’s the catch – mobile homes do not allow you to blow holes in walls and windows. However, you can focus on cosmetic changes to create a traditional home look-alike.

Exterior Remodeling

Gabled Roof

Adding a gabled roof that reaches the outdoor patio area will create a huge difference.

Landscaping the Perimeter of the Manufactured Home

Nothing creates an illusion of a traditional house better than planting a few shrubs hedges, plants around the manufactured house. A path leading down the house would be even better.

Painting in Neutral Colors

Replace the worn-out vinyl with wooden composite and paint the façade in neutral colors.

Shuttered Windows

Fix trim over the windows and add shutters to the external side of the windows and paint them in bright cheerful hues.

Interior Remodeling

Change kitchen countertops, cabinets and hardware

Replace old countertops with quartz or granite ones; install modern cabinets and change the general hardware like faucets, sinks and contemporary light fixtures.

Recessed Lighting on the roof

Recessed lighting on the roof also creates a chic appearance of a traditional house.

Neutralize the visible paneling with paint

Paint the interior walls with neutral colors to hide any visible signs of paneling. Drape the windows.

Go for Laminate and Wooden Flooring

If you are not restricted by budget, then you can go for a major remodeling like replacing the manufactured home flooring with wooden or laminate flooring.


If you want to remodel the mobile home so that it looks similar to the traditional house or want to transform the interior and exteriors of the house then get a mobile home remodel quote from those who specialize in remodeling manufactured homes and have been doing it for years.

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